Learn with Play at Home: Cardboard Tube Marble Run

Cardboard Tube Marble Run

Cardboard Box Ideas (They don't need to look exactly like these to be fun!) Summer is coming - start collecting cardboard boxes NOW! Simply show these ideas to your kids - hand them the boxes from your Dell, and then let them be creative - while you get your work done! Then you can crawl inside and play with them when you're both done working!

25 Cardboard Box Ideas - the ultimate kids toy! -- What kid doesn't love the cardboard box anyways?

20 Simple Cardboard Box activities for kids! Perfect for all of those leftover boxes from the holidays. #3 will be a huge hit with your kids!

20 Simple Cardboard Box Activities for Kids

DIY Cardboard Box House via Say Yes to Hoboken My dad made me a cardboard doll house when I was about it was a stormy day/evening (thunder & everything!) and I vividly remember him carefully adding details to the house for my Mrs. Mole doll, and how sp

How To Make a Marble Run There's no way I'm not having one of these..<3 my favorite teacher had one of these and I've always wanted one.

How to: Make a marble run

How To Make a Marble Run--must do this! There is also an idea for making a small personal marble run with a cereal box

30 Amazing Activities to Keep your 1 Year Baby Busy 26

30 Amazing Activities for 1 Year Olds to Keep Them Busy

Sensory Boxes for Babies and Toddlers - What to do with a cardboard Box. This ribbon box looks like so much fun!

60+ ways to use a box. Some great ideas to use your Green PolkaDot Box!

For anyone whose ever looked for some inspiration for what fun thing they could make with a box . 60 {FUN} Ways to Use a Box! A HUGE compilation of some super clever ideas for tots through elementary school and beyond! Looks like fun!

What to make with cardboard for every letter of the alphabet!

What To Make With Cardboard

What to make with cardboard for every letter of the alphabet! (Music ideas, imaginary play ideas, lacing cards, etc.

Mailing Tube Ping Pong Ball Shooter

How to Make a Mailing Tube Ping Pong Ball Shooter