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body art by Stötter

Vegetables - True still lifes: Masterworks of bodypainting - Pictures - CBS News

Chinese Schilderkunst

Color's not right, but otherwise.Head and Nails Art ( ) - Alien yellow green lizard lady.

Bella Volen Bodypainting WKO Malerinnung 2012

Fine art body painting collection created by the academic artist Bella Volen. Fine art body painting is only about the creation itself.

Makeup by Kabuki Starshine

"Masks" by Richard Burbridge. theatrical fashion photography for grimm and fairy avante garde lovers This is amazing. Fantasy brought to life

Blue Stones by Johannes Stoetter

Johannes Stötter Art Artist, musician & fine-art-Bodypainter Born in 1978 in South Tyrol (Italy) Studied at University of Innsbruck, AusAnatomy-related Bodypainting Workshops at Yoni-academy, Innsbruck Bodypainting