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Mind blown

Funny pictures about Letter rearrangement. Oh, and cool pics about Letter rearrangement. Also, Letter rearrangement.


Just Some Facts To Broaden Your Knowledge. The penguin fact melted my heart.

Seven amazing coincidences!

Funny pictures about Ten Amazing Coincidences. Oh, and cool pics about Ten Amazing Coincidences. Also, Ten Amazing Coincidences.

ugh!!!!! i hate these,cause i always fall for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

U mad?

Oh my before I looked at the very bottom I kept going back up and was like you put toast in the toaster! And then I looked at the bottom and couldn't stop laughing <<< lol I thought toast at first, but then realized bread

Who will you be stranded with? Leave a comment telling who you got! (I got Michael from GTA5)

I chose number WHY? Why couldn't I have chosen number 70 and gotten stranded with Obi-Wan Kenobi?

A cool trick.

Shoe size has nothing to do with age. The calculation is such that it makes you subtract your year of birth from 2013 which gives your age. This will not work after your birthday in 2014

Funny Google Tricks - Damn! LOL

Dump A Day Random Pictures Of The Day - 61 Pics I tried these but found that only two of them worked on my Mac computer. The Zerg rush (which is quite fun actually) and the Atari breakout


Hidden Pancakes in a 5 Dollar Bill. I'm a moron xD Hidden Pancakes in a 5 Dollar Bill TMT twi I was about to try that too I'm moron xD

Interesting, I thought of a purple hammer

It's weird

So the two people before me said pink hammer and purple hammer. I said purple carpenters pencil.I have an abnormal mind. >>>I thought of blue hammer<<<< I thought red scerwdriver// purple screwdriver

(9) Facebook

Funny pictures about Happy Birthday Phone Song. Oh, and cool pics about Happy Birthday Phone Song. Also, Happy Birthday Phone Song photos.