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The Legend of Korra/ Avatar the Last Airbender: LOL

Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked - so true, but actually I prefer Zuko in his fire lord outfit. And his father's pretty fine looking too.

Legend Of Korra: The Complete Series

La Légende de Korra / The Legend of Korra (Complete Series) - Box Set ( The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra Episodes) ) [ Origine UK, Sans Langue Francaise ]


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Mean Girls: An appropriate to quote every situation, this being Avatar: the Last Air Bender (the real movie didnt even compare to the show)

Mean Girls: An appropriate to quote every situation, this being Avatar: the Last Air Bender (the real movie didnt even compare to the show) <<the only thing I'll ever accept from Mean Girls

Flick of doom by Starwarrior4ever.deviantart.com << Toph is my favorite person ever and I'm so happy to be cosplaying her for Halloween.

Flick of doom by on Deviantart - Toph vs. a Weeping Angel (Avatar TLA meets Doctor Who)


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Avatar: The Last Airbender makes me kinda sad that girl didn't end up with Zuko. I liked her :3 <-- true, but I do like Mai.

Zuko drinks tea from Jin.HD Wallpaper and background photos of The Last Airbender (Jin, Zuko, and Iroh) for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender images.

In'sane'-Laws by akszirules

Remembering that Roku was Zuko's great-grandpa makes me against any kind of KorraXGeneral Iroh pairing.<---But Korra isn't Roku, not to mention the complete lack of biological connection

So true

Okay so I haven't seen the second series but I'm a huge fan of the Gaang and you realise with this ^ means right? that entire episode Toph was completely aware that Sokka was stuck in a hole. and she didn't do a single thing about it :')


Im going to be a freshman next yr. Im scared now<<<good luck<<<<I'm sorry but the College Student Aang is spot on 😂😂

HA!! And that's only one of the main characters!!------ Zuko is *fabulous. He has such a great wardrobe

And that is just one of the main characters...

This always used to bug me about cartoons, and I was always impressed by the ones where the characters wore something new every day, and in Adventure Time some characters, like Princess Bubblegum and Marceline also change outfits.

In the swamp... : Photo. I haven't finished this, but I should...

Aang, Katara, Zuko, & Toph fan art - Avatar <I feel like such a nitpicking fangirl, but they're not in order. But they're so pretty!

Melon Lord

The Legend of Korra/ Avatar the Last Airbender. Aang and Toph aka Twinkle toes and Melon lord

YAAAAAAYYYYY <3. And yep, Asami and Bolin are my two favorites, just like Toph and Sokka. Why you so awesome, show?

The Gaang and the Krew. I think Asami filled Toph's and Suki's role. Also, Tahno didn't join the team. Avatar TLAB and LOK