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16 Times Tumblr Took Writing Prompts And Just Frickin' Ran With Them

16 Very Short Stories That Prove Tumblr Is Full Of Sarcastic Geniuses

This is what happens when you give a bunch of smartasses a writing prompt.- no this is what happens when gamers respond to one. Know the grind.

Imagine? My Mrs. is already scrounging, begging, borrowing, and stealing supplies for her patients with no money or insurance.

Actually, we couldn’t buy IV supplies if we tried, because that shit was made in Puerto Rico, and it’s almost gone. Try not to get sick, or hurt.

That’s brave, dear. Just know that if you sneeze, those buttons will become bullets.

Picdump 24.11.2017

This is FI driver Jenson BUTTONS girlfriend ( she always had confidence he would cum first ) but enough about his premature ejaculation issue 🏎💦

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19 Times Kids' Test Answers Were Way Too Real

Picture # 6 collection funny kids picture pics) for December 2015 – Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images and Very Cute animals.

I wish everyone would let me be; let me have fun on my own. I'm so sick of people telling me what's fun and what's not. They're not fun unless you're drunk too, which I will NOT do.

best 20 motivational quotes on life

Words to live by.Be kind - Work hard -Stay humble - Smile often - Stay loyal - Keep honest - Travel when possible - Never stop learning - Be thankful always - And love

Life's too short to focus on all the "what if's".

Life's too short to focus on all the "what if's".

This Restaurant’s Signs Are So Funny You’d Probably pk pig jikk we n I'llCome Back Just To Read Them

This Restaurant’s Signs Are So Funny You’d Probably Come Back Just To Read Them

Funny Restaurant Signs: there's a taco truck that does this and I love reading them

Attack the hipster…That last comment killed me XD This is fantastic!

Attack the hipster…

But jokes aside Imagine Dragons have definitely been one of my all time favourite bands. But then again, I like all music, from country and classic rock to pop, dubstep and Disney movies

• Lmao!  These Kermit meme's are too funny!!  #isthereaproblem #Kermit

Evil Kermit the Frog Memes, Hood Meme, Funny Pictures

I'm working REAL hard on myself but damn girl what exactly is your problem at this point! Drop that shit like you claim you do homegirllll