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GAH Why Fred! Why did you have to die!? You were my favourite! I can't watch the last movie without crying the entire time because 1. You die, and 2. it's the Last HP movie. GAH

Harry Potter feels <---- you think who came up with this and shattered my heart into a million pieces? << This really hurts my heart, WHY DID FRED HAVE TO DIE 😫

This is why she's my favorite professor. I mean Dumbledore is Awesome and everything too but McGonagal is just fantastic! That was actually really in the books.

I imagine her to be alot like Hermione and Ginny in times like these.

Apart from the language Head cannon accepted. Just imagain all those years of Harry growing up with the Dursley's too. And his first potions lesson, I'll be that one wasn't pretty.


Harry has never cast an unforgivable curse on ANYONE, Not even Voldemort. Yet seeing this low life spit at McGonagall, he didn't even think twice about throwing out an unforgivable curse.

Another reason to read the books; you movie only people think your the iconic hp fans?? Tell me this... who is teddy lupin and who is mother? U can't can you?

People keep going on about Albus Severus and how Harry should have named his son after Lupin but HE ALREADY HAD A SON NAMED AFTER HIM. Teddy Remus Lupin was a part of the family. < also, he could've wanted teddy to name his son after Remus

Harry potter (I'm pretty sure the word is twilight)

She wins life! If they don't name their son Harry they're living their life wrong. Oh and the work starred out is Twilight.

Oh gods this gives a new, darker dimension

Oh gods this gives a new, darker dimension

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