missing you. The beauty of this rose holds nothing in comparison to you - Christa Paterson

I would rather receive a single beautiful rose bud, than a whole bouquet of flowers.

Another color you don,t see on roses. I love the idea of a green rose. I would love a bush or bundle of these . They would be lovely !!

"giving the colour of peace,colour of my national flag <# :) Rare Green Rose. Do you love unusual roses

Check out these tips to grow tulips and other perennials year-round.

How to Grow Tulips and Other Perennials in Glass Jars in Your Home All Year

Tulips and other spring bulbs can be grown at any time of the year when grown in glass jars providing they spent 8 to 10 weeks hibernating in your refrigerator. Start them sequentially to enjoy a long 'season'. They make great gifts!

'Dioressence' ~ floribunda rose with lilac, ruffled blooms, edged in purple and plum. From the Perfumes Collection by Delbard, France

Pretty Roses Floribunda Rose - Dioressence JacTan - one of the rare roses on the farm Amadeus - a very rich flowering climbi.

Passion flower for the trellis....

Passion Flower Vine* Exotic flowers like these don't have to be limited to tropical gardens. A vigorous perennial vine that climbs via tendrils, the passion flower can be a conversation piece in the garden.

Black & Green Rose                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Went to pin this & Petes' Place was the first suggestion to show. So it's only fitting to give to Peter.

Have you ever seen 60 different colors of roses

60 different colors of roses. Enjoy lovely rose flowers collection.

This green rose represents the distant and minute light Gatsby worships, symbolising the impossibility of Daisy's true love to him.

Blush Pink And Green Wedding Centerpieces..... would change pink hydrangeas to more of a cream/ or choose different flowers completely

Blush Pink And Green Centerpieces. would change pink hydrangeas to more of a cream/ or choose different flowers completely