Explore Welfare Queen, Walmart, and more!

Does this make sense, or is it greed?

Funny pictures about Just shows how messed up the US health care system is. Oh, and cool pics about Just shows how messed up the US health care system is. Also, Just shows how messed up the US health care system is.

Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein.... however with Bernie's hands now tied to supporting the Democrats, looks like Jill is gonna get my vote!

It truly boggles my mind how many of my liberal friends, overlook Hillary's lies, her tight ties with big businesses, and her support of Monsanto and fracking. No true earth loving hippie would support a candidate who is in cahoots with the above.

FeelTheBern.org berniesanders.com Voteforbernie.org Bernie Sanders for President!

Trump brags about how much less he had to spend on his campaign, thanks to the endless media coverage. Media is owned by corporate interests, and Bernie gets ignored.

Bernie Sanders

Women for Bernie - Elect Bernie Sanders Best Candidate for Women [I am a grandmother with 5 daughters & grand~daughters. We need Bernie to lead this country. So do my son & grandson.

Every strong supporter of his will ultimately pay. They will be ostracized by people of character and conscience.

Before you dare to wag your finger at the sins of Nazi Germany, remember that "Donald J. Trump's normalizers, enablers and supporters will also be responsible for the aftermath of his damage, done both in the present day and onto future generations.

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Bernie Sanders isn't owned by Wall St. Hillary Clinton might as well be a Republican as far as i'm concerned. She will approve Keystone, TPP and no way would she even make the attempt to regulate Wall St.

Not to mention that "speaking his mind" (aka being a racist moron) would likely result in WWIII.

don't you mean the LIBERAL Media? That's what everyone from Spiro Agnew to Frank Luntz to GOP Luminary Sarah Palin insist it is.

Right is right!

No One should loose their HOME if they cannot pay extremely high property taxes.Protect the Home Owners.

Climate Change is not a figment of imagination as the best scientific brains tend to agree. The deniers usually have a vested interest in carrying on "as usual". That is no longer an option as recent developments tend to prove.

Sadly, I doubt this will happen. For too long, fossil fuel corporations have waged a silent war against green energy. Trump would defund almost all climate change research, effectively allowing the oil companies to dictate policy.

I wish we had 287 more in congress just like him......

Bernie Sanders refuses to be bought out. He has kept that mantra his entire career in politic and I respect that above all!