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yr 9 intro to observational drawing fun- enlarge a white paper airplane - eraser into charcoal ground and build up from there

The 7 Elements of Art youtube video art education for older children 5th grade and up

▶ The 7 Elements of Art - video to introduce elements good art examples. Probably for middle school or high school

Middle school lesson on cubism. Good for shape or color lessons.

▪Geometry ▪ This Abstraxt piece was created by Students, a Round Robin activity where students create artwork (or simple line drawings) as they pass paper around (ie student 1 makes three dots, student 2 joins them etc. according to teacher instructions)

website with great examples of high school art work - suggestions for assignments - mostly upper level, AP ideas

Exceptional painting and drawing projects by Art students studying qualifications such as GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, NCEA, IB and AP Visual Art.

Journal Fodder Junkies

Value + depth drawing: abstract geo design. Shade with a full value range to give illusion of cast shadows and depth. Overlap with organic design and value range How can a contour line design become

After paper curl observation: different perspectives/space/value/still life

like for maybe O'Keeffe drawing. Find an object and have to re-position and draw different elements. (cool drawings of couples)