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Osler-Kurki Studio: Sun, Moon & Natural Elements

Contemporary Glass - "Sun Moon Natural Elements" (Original Art from Osler-Kurki Studio)

Stained Glass - Stephen Weir Stained glass, Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow Scotland, stained glass around door. So pretty. Gave me an idea.maybe a rainbow arching across 5 panes of the window, and a pot of gold underneath n the panel!

Art Deco Stained Glass in a Melbourne House | Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose | Flickr

❤ - An Art Deco domestic casement window, Melbourne, Australia, shows a wide variety of textured glass with some streaky glass in muted colours. What is not to love about the cart deco period?

Way cooler than the ones at church.

Stained Glass Windows Inspired By Your Favorite Comic Book And Video Game Characters

"Glory Window," designed by Gabriel Loire, in the chapel of thanksgiving in thanks-giving square in dallas, texas.

This magnificent stained glass spiral is called The Glory Window. It forms the ceiling of the Chapel of Thanks-Giving in Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas, Texas. It is designed by Gabriel Loire of Chartres, France

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c21613d7e250ba5f1dfe4c41983dffea.jpg (236×314)

Solder Stained Glass - Making a Neat and Smooth Beaded Edge

Solder Stained Glass - Making a Neat and Smooth Beaded Edge

Step by step tutorial showing how stained glass soldering is done. With troubleshooting tips, and videos for soldering copper foil.

Stained Glass Soldering- How To Solder Copper Foil

Simple stained glass tutorial showing how to polish and patina your panel to perfection. Avoid ugly white residue forming with these expert tips.

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