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Colgante con una lata de refresco y cáscara de huevo

Bezel made from pop can bottom. The texturing looks amazing--like dragon skin.


Original bol de confeti y papel maché

Original bol de confeti y papel maché - Original bowl of confetti and paper mache

jardín vertical con botes de plástico

Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden: And on the super green end of the spectrum, you can use turn plastic bottles into an awesome sustainable vertical garden. (via Rosenbaum) How have you repurposed plastic bottles?

Recycle 1 40 ideas para reutilizar una botella de plástico

DIY Plastic Bottle Recycling: Starting/Planting garden plants in milk jugs; Most Intriguing -- the milk jug igloo -- on a raised base with the entrance on the leeward side, this could be a nice place to play even in cooler weather.

Clever. Tutorials: http://wonderfuldiy.com/wonderful-diy-ottoman-out-of-plastic-bottles/ /how-to-make-a-plastic-bottle-ottoman/

Obsequios que la economía no impedirá que regales. ¡A reciclar!

Recycling Plastic Bottles Ideas What the fuck? Why make furniture out of old water bottles when you could just a) use a water filter and b) drink out of a reusable bottle? Or you can spend a day on this silly landfill craft idea.