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ne kadar tatlı

Baby Nigerian dwarf goats are so cute! I'm getting 2 of them in the spring and I'm so excitited!

Why would anyone ever want to eat lamb? I now regret eating Middle Eastern Lamb chops my uncle cooked. Iam sad now!

Little lambies. I want lambs & goats someday. But, I don't want a smelly farm. I want domestic farm animals.


don't you just hate it when you look for llama pics and you get an alpaca! seriously an alpaca

baby hedgehogs!!!

Funny pictures about I've Never Seen Hedgehog Babies Before. Oh, and cool pics about I've Never Seen Hedgehog Babies Before. Also, I've Never Seen Hedgehog Babies Before photos.


Actually a dog sweater, but I think this lamb is adorable! (via Why I Love Knitting / lamb in a sweater!

OK I Smiled For The Camera Now Hand Over The Corn.

If you're happy and you know it then your face will really show it. Smiley goat with a flip.