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“” GAMBIAN SPOTTED-EYE FLOWER MANTIS (Pseudoharpax virescens) ©Igor Siwanowicz Pseudoharpax virescens, common name Gambian spotted-eye flower mantis, is a species of praying mantis native to Gambia.

Green praying mantis by Snezana Petrovic on 500px

Green praying mantis by Snezana Petrovic on the body from the arms down. the underside of the wings i want vibrant blue/purple

Богомолы - Страница 48 - Фorum RISE-N-FALL

Can you hear me now? A praying mantis has only one ear, located on the underside of its belly! How interesting!


MALAYSIAN ORCHID MANTIS (Hymenopus coronatus) This species is characterized by brilliant and beautiful coloring and unusual structure; their four walking legs resemble flower petals, and the coloration of the bodies tends to match the environment.