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L7m in Rome, 2016 | StreetArtNews | The 10 Most Popular Street Art Pieces of April 2016
Sabrina, I would like to borrow some mannequin arms...
by Sarah Joncas
Schiffscontainer x Griechische Mythologie
Ice Age (Ireland) ... Chalk of the Walk: Edgar Müller's 3D Sidewalk Art ....

Chalk of the Walk: Edgar Müller’s 3D Sidewalk Art

Spontaneous sculptures |

Spontaneous sculptures

I love seeing graffiti artists at work. You rarely get to see that. Sweet zombie!
The wider side of the Gooderham Building (1892) in Toronto is marked by an artful painting made in the style of trompe l’oeil, meaning ‘to deceive the eye.’ The Flatiron Mural (1998) by Canadian artist Derek Besant, mirrors the building directly across from it. Derek gave the illusion of a fluttering drape and many open windows, only a few of which are actually there.