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Tattoos by Mini - Martin Wutzl - St.

Illuminati France Inter

La fabrique des Illuminati du 11 février 2016

Illuminati France but also Au-ib-Ra, of the dynasty. The capstone is in the Cairo Museum for a pyramid that never got built or was used for another king. It is an Eye within the triangle, just like on the US dollar bill.

So realistic

I would not want to plagiarize this work, but I certainly can swipe some ideas from this, and I think I just might have to modify my chest piece drawings to incorporate this idea into it. Tattoo by Regino Gonzales

skull tattoo----I'm not one to want tattoos but this is amazing

two-tone skull tattoo amongst the flowers by Niki Norberg of Wicked Tattoo in Göteborg, Sweden. Love the red color pop