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Like the spread minus the sidebar. No sidebar

Layout idea

Dominant photo crosses the gutter. No trapped white space or text. Pulled blue color from pictures and used a different shade for background of module.

[The Planonian, Plano Senior High School, Plano, TX] #yearbook

[The Planonian, Plano Senior High School, Plano, TX]

[Round-Up, Coppell High School, Coppell, TX] #Jostens #LookBook2014 #YBKlove

I like the idea of a story and spread about the making of the yearbook and the yearbook staff.

Chronological book - To go with "Best Year" Theme - Have each student submit an image/quote about why this year is the best or what about this year is the best. I'm not sure I like the vertical lines, but Perhaps on top and bottom or maybe only on the sides.

map/ track a certain topic around edges? could also work for academics

[This is My DMS, Dalton Middle School, Dalton, GA] #yearbook

Fabulous use of space, tons of photos, captions, and white space!

Story Ideas-Covering people during Spirit Week. This could be a way to get more people to participate by telling them you could be featured in the yearbook if you dress up.

yearbook samples layout Story Ideas-Covering people during Spirit Week.

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A modular grid layout for a magazine. Good use of hierarchy and the composition is interesting also. Although theres a lot of information it doesn't seem too overcrowded and I think theres a good balance of image and text.

I like the graph idea in the upper right. Maybe keep the idea that the freshman class is the largest ever and incorporate that -Katelyn

[Pathways, Pinnacle High School, Phoenix, AZ] #yearbook- love the layout and the pictures on the eyeline and how they are in black and white!

cant really read what the bottom left module says but the "grow" thing would be funny if you did side by side picture comparisons of seniors from freshman through senior year, could do 4 pictures from each year or just 2 from freshman and senior

We should make one of the page titles say "Human" something, just because I think it would be cool. -Kylie C

High school student life 2014

I like the idea of either doing a spread or dedicating part of a spread to the general student body to get more people in the book.

HOT OFF THE PRESS 2014 // “The Legend,” McIntosh High School [GA]

Cool sports layout with angles

academic spreads for yearbook - Google Search

Sarah including students and quotes along the bottom

Superlative Layout idea from-  LYNBROOK HIGH SCHOOL

Opening spread Idea/People section

GOLDEN EMBERS, Chaparral High School, Scottsdale [AZ] #Jostens #LookBook2014 #Ybklove

Clear eye line. All modules have explanation and the pictures are closer together than the other ones. White space in the middle is a good way to make sure nothing is hiding in the gutter.

academics can be interesting!

Also if we wanted to do online it allows for color again but I like the layout. It reminds me of the yearbook with quotes and all the pictures