Erkunde Gorgeous Gorgeous, Schönen Jungen und noch mehr!

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous
So Gorgeous <3 <3
Gaaaaaaaawd Damn & Holy Fockin' Shit!!! Is what I said out loud to myself the 2nd my eye caught just a glimpse, of Gerard's Jaw-Dropping, Put You in a Trance, Gorgeous, Sexy & Beautiful EYES!!! I'm still blown away I love Gerard & his beautiful blue eyes, but I've never seen them look this shade of rare blue. So rare, they look like mini magical blue-green crystal balls you can gaze into 4ever. I❤Men with Dark Brown/Black Hair & Blue Eyes, my ONLY "Blondie" exceptions are Charlie & Jude!
Gerard Butler: How To Train Your Dragon 2 press conference - West Hollywood, CA - June 2014
Gerard Butler: Jim Wright photo shoot, 2010
blaue augen bedeutung model mann hübscher mann trägt kette schmuck für männer
Gerard Butler. 1/18/2017  Game time. Getting pumped for #DenOfThieves.