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so sad Rare Albino Raven Murdered

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Pearl - A Rare Albino Raven Murdered

celtic-forest-faerie:{Albino Raven} by {Americo Alves}

celtic-forest-faerie: “ {Albino Raven} by {Americo Alves} ”

The Harbringer

Saw many crows on my recent visit to Amsterdam: "The crow is a spirit animal associated with life mysteries and magic. The power of this bird as totem and spirit guide is provide insight and means of supporting intentions.

Part of the Flock

Part of the Flock

Not an albino raven, it is just a white raven - #80567840 added by bobebob at albino raven

Not an albino raven, it is just a white raven which are extremely rare.jpg - added by bobebob at albino raven

I actually saw an albino crow a little bit ago. It was flying in a group of about 15 other crows. And I'm positive it wasn't another kind of bird that snuck in with that group.

White and black Ravens - Albino - Birds

White Raven

Pinner: White raven is my given name by Grandmothers and my Animal Totem Spirit guide :)

Pay attention, I'm adressing you!

: : a murder and unkindness : : Raven by nethy on deviantART Mehr

☀Albino Grey Squirrel” by Phil Johnston. Never seen one...wow! Had one in my yard many years ago. Still have the pictures. It was a magical  sight. Sharon Savage..

☀Albino Grey Squirrel” by Phil Johnston.my lucky squirrel

"Hungry birds follow those who demonstrate strong motivation" Bernd Heinrich on ravens and knowing which birds got the goods in The Mind of The Raven

The thrill of photography to capture a nano-second in time. Here a Crow/Raven in flight. ART of the highest order in both Photography and Nature.

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Image result for albino raven


South Sound Critter Care rescues of crows every year. Some of them are characters with very distinctive personalities.

Ravens in the Eyes

Can you speak my secret name and fix me?