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You Know You're In Loki's Army When...

Submitted by: emeraldeire

You mewling quim

You mewling quim

You know you're Loki'd when...

i know i quote movies alot when talking to people


Look at that Loki green dress!" *she turns and gives me a funny smile* Always.


I am in Loki's army

Wait there are people that think thor's hotter than Loki?<<< exactly !! I mean yes Thor is good looking but nothing compares to Loki

I'm not going to lie, he totally is (no offense Thor)



Loki's army

You know I'm in Loki's army!

He is not a villain...

I was always trying to convince my friend that he was just misunderstood. I dragged her along to Thor 2 (or Loki 3 ;-) ) and she came out after, and she says: "Definitely misunderstood" *swoon*.

Loki'd ;)

I'm Loki'd so hard

Could only wish for the physically.

I wouldn't say ruined, more like enhanced.

Someone's horns are growing...

Sometimes he can be so classy and suave, and sometimes he uses the phrase "magic elk."<< He makes "magic elk" classy and suave



You know you're in Loki's army when:...

You Know You're In Loki's Army When. His helmet covers his beautiful hair though! And horns always were attractive

Loki's Army. Yes, I am very proud.

Loki's Army. Yes, I am very proud.


Ehehehe I'm not sorry!has been LOKI'D