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This would be me as a parent!

Currently helping my son search for his chocolate that I ate last night. - Post by on Boldomatic

#canyourelate #momlife #kids #imbored

I love school holidays. Here is one for all the mothers out there with bored kids. Mine don't mention that word anymore, maybe they have learnt that "clean your room" is not the response they want.

Love my bitch cave!!!!

She's the asshole who watches TV all day and Nosy looking over my yard with envy to see my Greener backyard beauty.

Wow. I actually don't like this song but it's just relatable af. I guess that's why I don't like it

My life is just like Rihanna's new song. Work, work, work, and the rest of it, I can't really understand.

VT Interiors - Library of Inspirational Images: Country (Not Only) Style Kitchens and Bathrooms

Love wood dividers and or wood framing with sconce placement towel storage. mirror to the ceiling. wood dividers with wall sconces. center section is slightly bumped out.