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Fluorite tumbled-stone - hoping to pick up a rainbow flourite ai the gem show tomorrow

Fluorite tumbled-stone - hoping to pick up a rainbow flourite ai the gem show tomorrow

Ooohhh pretty!

My Little Brony - Friendship is Magic - my little pony, friendship is magic, Brony - Amethyst - Moss Agate - Black Opal - Opal -Tanzanite - Prehnite - Turquoise - Apatite

Luna Blue's Midnight Blue Labradorite & Quartz Crystal Wand..... Whatever that means... Looks like it'll make me a wizard and I'm down for that

RESERVED FOR LORI - Luna Blue's Midnight Blue Labradorite & Quartz Crystal Wand

Luna Blue's Midnight Blue Labradorite & Quartz Crystal Wand--beautiful tool of the Kraft

Oregon Desert Picture Agate

Oregon Desert Picture Agate 25mmX27mmx4mm

Red beryl (aka bixbite, “red emerald,” or “scarlet emerald”) was first described in 1904, and while it is closely related on a chemical level to both emerald and aquamarine, it is considerably rarer than both. (The mineral’s red color is due to the presence of Mn3+ ions.)    The mineral’s known distribution is limited to parts of Utah and New Mexico, and has proven exceptionally difficult to mine in an economically feasible fashion. As a result, some published estimates say rubies of similar…

Red beryl, the rarest gemstone on earth (worth 1000 times more than gold by weight). The "Crown of Fire" - a ct fancy cut red beryl gemstone Photo by Robert Weldon

A guide to buying Jade. Educate yourself! Shacklesco.com

But did you know that jadeite is available in lavender (but not in pink? Find out these obscure facts and more with our exclusive Jade Buying Guide.


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Pāua abalone are also valued for their pearls, known as Blue Eyris Pearls, which can be shades of blue, green, and everything in between http://www.thefeaturedcreature.com/2013/05/paua-abalone-the-spectacular-mollusc-reveared-by-the-maori-of-new-zealand.html

Blue Eyris Pearls - Pearls from the sea creatures known as abalone are incredibly rare. They cannot be cultured like the pearls from mussels and oysters; abalone are all hemophiliacs. They bleed to death when injected with a nucleus. in nature

Birth stone

Turquoise gemstone - Turquoise, The December Birthstone. Where did this Blue Zicon/Topaz idea ever come from?

Boulder Opal

Boulder Opal

Amazing Geology: Opalized WoodFossil.

sun-hawk submitted: Amazing Rare Opalized Wood Boulder Opal with Bright Emerald Green and Blue Growth Rings.

Australian opals

Rare Large Crystal Opal Mintabie, South Australia, Australia The opal deposits of Mintabie have long been depleted with no new production emerging. The present example was set aside many years ago by the miner who could not bear to part with it earlier.