Just The Design By Labo Design Studio

This townhouse conversion in the Lower East Side, New York, was once an old Jewish school turned into a home with an art gallery, by Labo Design Studio.

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The Vintaquarian big windows chair livingroom light walls style home interior decor

Quite Continental

An entry from Quite Continental

Lower East Side Residence by Labodesignstudio

Lower East Side townhouse conversion in New York by Labo Design Studio

Remodeling 101: Five Things to Know About Radiant Floor Heating

Remodeling 101: 5 Things to Know About Radiant Floor Heating

Contrast of warm, salvaged wood doors // Manor House Stables / AR Design Studio

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Mix of modern, textile, open space-- amazing Red Hook, Brooklyn - Contemporary architectural home - Modern and vintage interior home design

Tribeca Loft By Fearon Hay Architects | Yatzer

Tribeca Loft By Fearon Hay Architects

Tribeca Loft in Manhattan by Fearon Hay Architects with Penny Hay


Living room / mid-century modern interior design & decor / Neutral / chevron wood floors and lovely pendants