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A mans purpose!!!

Better, stronger, smarter - Thanks for finding your purpose. Lord knows it wasn't being a loyal husband.

this just made my day

Don’t Worry If Your Single, God’s Looking At You Right Now Saying, I’m Saving This Girl For Someone Special” ~ Loneliness Quote

Keep any fakes, snakes or hate away from me, please Lord and thanks in advance. #WordsOfTruth #WordsToInspire #GodIsAble

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~☆ I was on the bridge. ☆~ There is no convincing in love. If it doesn't come naturally from somebody, don't try to force that person because all you will end up with is failed expectations of a life that you thought you wanted


He got down on two knees to pray until God told him to get down on one to propose.

Narcissists have to demonize you so they can appear innocent and angelic. They have zero accountability for the evil they do. Narcissists feel entitled to destroy anyone they can't control and exploit.

Yes Amen some people just act so innocent in there doings! There's always two sides to a story and then there's the TRUTH!

Your soul mate is not another person's spouse. Sorry

true this! How is it when you cheat with a married man-plus he has a pregnant wife-and you wont let him see his children-soulmate? You are a spiteful evil whore dog!