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Like a #projects: "All you’re doing is cutting down a tree by tapping on one side or the other, trying to avoid the descending branches as you progress." vía @techcrunch

Timberman Is The New Flappy Bird

Timberman, un nouveau jeu ultra addictif sur mobiles

Visionneuse d'images du jeu Absolver - PC sur Jeuxvideo.com

Visionneuse d'images du jeu Absolver - PC sur Jeuxvideo.com

Katana ZER0 System: PC Status: In Development Release: TBA 2016 Developer: Askiisoft Website: katanazero.com Video: Trailer Description: “Katana ZER0 is a fast paced neo-noir action platformer, focusing on tight, instant-death acrobatic combat, and a dark 80’s neon aesthetic. Aided with your trusty katana, the time manipulation drug Chronos and the rest of your assassin’s arsenal, fight your way through a fractured city, and take back what’s rightfully yours.”

PixelArtus is a sideproject by which is dedicated to the Power of Pixel Art. Additional PixelProspector sideprojects can be found here PixelArtus Overview Page (games with pixel art,.


Kim Laughton // Grand Theft Auto V without textures looks like a depressing wasteland


"If Keats had been alive 200 years later, he might have quit his job and become a game developer, not a poet." - Stunning Video Game Is Like An Ancient Greek Urn Come To Life


Project Rain World by Rain World — Kickstarter


BASH Fantasy - Heroes of Kos - Player Characters for Sea-Lord of the Sunken Grotto!

stylized 3D rendering on Behance

some NPR tests done with Blender