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trash-sama: “ also here is the water i made if anyone is interested ”

trash-sama: also here is the water i made if anyone is interested

Welcome to Animal Crossing New Leaf Designs! Please don't ask for QR requests…

my name is claudia and you can find qr codes for animal crossing here! I also post non qr code related stuff so if you're only here for the qr codes please just blacklist my personal tag.

ground flower

Animal Crossing: New Leaf & HHD QR Code Paths — chewwycrossing: source

A beautiful cherry blossom tree design~ (remember I did not make this design)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR Code Paths Pattern, freckle-crossing: Some super sweet cotton candy.

Animal Crossing QR Codes ❤

Animal Crossing: New Leaf & HHD QR Code Paths , pixelroses: Pink peony con’t

ACNL QR Code: Stepping Stone Dark Green Grass

Anonymous said: I am! They match very well with the current grass color :) Answer: hehe thank you! i’ll update this in a sec with the qr-codes!

BTS QR Codes

macarontowngirl: “ “ Neko path☆ Link for path K. My new path I’ve done for my town in Macaron. The colors are inspired by a certain villager.

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batclam: “ So Saharah gave me the Autumn Wall wednesday and I decided to make a tileable leaf floor instead of trying to find the autumn floor.

Motif #1437

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mayorkael: “ totekeke: “ ♡ // Flora Museum // “You and I, we’re just pressing flowers. They’re dying but they’re ours. I had a hard time deciding which ones to make, tbh. I love plants. As a side note you CAN hang these up on.

mayor-fera:  A pattern QR that I made, it can be used as wall...

kirshecrossing: “ some simple gray brick path i made. theyre not much but they’re very minamalist and work well with my town theme. feel free to use it! i just figured id stop being lazy and let.