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Me: I thought your first love was always your best. Jeff Davis: Well, not really. Allison and Paige died in the arms of Scott and Derek, their first loves. Me: Jeff Davis you just crushed everything I believe in

Teen Wolf - Derek and Peter

Teen wolf Well he should know, he was there when Derek saved Cora lol but Kate turning him to a teen again changed his blue beta eyes back to gold beta eyes

If you haven't seen his "little" wank video its still up then u can focus on his evilness!


Oh my goodness this scene was sad (for anyone who doesn't get it, Stiles's (^^^) mom is dead, but he just said "Thanks, mom" to his best friend's (Scott) mom (Melissa) Who is a nurse and use medication to get him to sleep.

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Lol, my first thought was "Why are they trusting crazy Peter?" Sure he'll help you out, but he's always working his own agenda. Peter though. Like I think he does want to help, but also can't help but have his own agenda.