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The gray and pink scale do wonders with this. I love how the bricks are pink, from there you see the pink umbrella hanging downward. You can see the contrast of the pink, being bright, and the gray, staying neutral.

I love this. I love the iron work. I love the carved stone. I just love it.

Scottsdale Art Factory Custom Window - Design From Antiquity - A beautiful tree relief carving accenting this window arch.

Reminds me of an ancient hotel in England.

Pld King's School Shop in Canterbury, England - built in 1647 - Looks like it's right out of Harry Potter's Diagon Alley! Tricky door to get through! The Old King's School Shop in Canterbury, England

Beautiful green glass doors

Green Glass door is a riddle that you will be introduced to in the beginning of the school year. "The name is in the game and the game is Green Glass Door" -You can take the moon but not the sun -You can take the pizza but not the bread

Porta solare

Yellow arched door with round window cutout. I would so want this on my house.