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#aus opfern täter machen?!? #m.schulz

#aus opfern täter machen?!? #m.schulz

In case you're wondering, here's a few examples of what Christians are referring to when they talk about TRADITIONAL BIBLICAL MARRIAGES.  Same sex couples should not be allowed to marry, `cause that would be a sin...

A Biblical guide to marriage: It's not a pretty picture. And people are worried about gay marriage?


Donald Trump avoided Vietnam with a medical deferment for "bone spurs in his heels." Yet, he was active in college sports, playing baseball, tennis and squash. Typical Republican: He'll send YOUR kids to war, but HE gets a free pass! VOTE FOR BERNIE!

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A collection of humorous images and captioned photos of Donald Trump from the 2016 presidential campaign.


To be honest, I don’t want this moron anywhere near my atheist philosophy. Christianity can keep him!

God Is Hate: America Is A Christian Nation?

'America is a Christian Nation! Let's see what the founding fathers had to say. DAMN those PESKY FACTS. They really do get in the way of the Christian Agenda, don't they?

Indiana Gov.concerned about Religious Freedom because he's Christian. Gov. Mike Pence is the lowest form of scum. Using religion to attack his neighbors because they are different than him. Taking the good name of a man of peace and twisting it for his his own diluted self benefit, a run for the White House.

Jesus versus the GOP