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List of adorable polar bear babies are some of the cutest the Internet has to offer. If you want to see some more animals enjoying the cold, check out thes

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Pandora, a brown bear cub at the Fortress of the Bear sanctuary in Sitka, Alaska, prefers honey or fresh salmon. And she’s going to hide behind her fireman’s pole until she gets it.

mother and son

"Bear And Cub" ~ (KO) Mama bear senses danger. She shoos baby bear up the tree and stands guard.

Polar bear, polar bear what do you see?

"Incredibly intelligent animals, young polar bears learn quickly through their inquisitive nature. This cub was intrigued by its reflection and was studying it with great interest,” photographer Florian Schulz.

The polar bear cub, Siku

Polar Bear’s Snow Addiction Is ‘Out of Control’ In what is an all too familiar tale, celebrity polar bear cub Siku has fallen victim to the scourge of addiction.

"Anything good in the fridge, dad?" ~Lee Duncan

"hello anyone in there?" ( the polar bear looking into the igloo) "no can't see anyone look" the two polar bears peaking)