Tantrums are for toddlers...

To be a lady - negativity is rarely appreciated. ~ If there is a choice to join in, and say something negative, choose silence. Silence is golden.

To Be A Lady #172 Quality Over Quantity. Always.

To be a lady.

So true... Especially in today's society!

To Be a Lady - Become involved in things that you enjoy. A lady should have her own interests.


Be a lady!

Be lady-enough to remember this

To Be a Lady - Always say please and thank you. Civility never goes out of style.

fix your makeup girl, its just a breakup. hide your crazy and start acting like a lady. thought I raised you better... keep it together even when you fall apart...

To Be A Lady - printables

always quality

be a lady!

To Be A Lady #110  Know When An Apology Is In Order

to be a lady.

To Be a Lady - A lady can wear casual just as well as she wears glamorous

The clothes don't make a lady, the Lady makes the clothes work.

To Be A Lady: 167

To be a lady no.

To Be A Lady. Must admit I have some trouble with this one.

To be a lady: if all else fails, smile.


When I tell stories my volume increases and I include crazy hand gestures. I sing in the shower. Sometimes I wake up wanting to wear super bright eye shadow. I'm not afraid to be myself.

Actions speak louder than words. Words eventually lose their meaning.

Rule 102 for Being a Lady

To Be A Lady #175 Give People The Benefit Of The Doubt, But Don't Make Excuses For Them.

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To Be A Lady: 120

To be a Lady