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Is your schedule so full that you have difficulty enjoying your life? Four ways to declutter your schedule and find time for yourself again.

How to Declutter Your Schedule

I sorted and organized my household notebook and started using my master to do list.

How to Organize a Master To Do List Using a Brain Dump

Today, I received an email that pushed me to actually complete my Brain Dump (aka: Master To Do List), get it all […]

Feeling totally overwhelmed with the chaos and disorganization in your home and don't know where to start? Get some practical and manageable advice on how to finally get on top of it with A Bowl Full of Lemons

Daily cleaning routines, 14 week home organization challenge, budgeting. A Bowl Full of Lemons

10 tips for getting more done each day | living well spending less | frugal living

10 Tips for Getting More Done Each Day