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shard of light - from trace heavens - james nizam a 'wall' a barrier> light can act as a barrier to movement but also an attractor

LUXUM is the best answer for customers who know what they want. Unusual project for a gallery located in the center of the great city of Warsaw provide a unique visual effect.

LUXUM for thoses who know what they want. Unusual project for a gallery located in the center of Warsaw (Poland), attractive visual effect.


art deco style interior design - beautiful interior exterior design modern beach house exterior design - led light tubes modern interior design for energy saving - Jewel world by arris architects india lighting interior architecture

SOONER OR LATER IT ALL COMES DOWN" is the name given to the last sculptural installation by visual design studio Via Grafik


An awesome installation by Via Grafik, a graphic design studio and an art collective based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Titled Sooner Or Later it All Comes Down, and really feels like it’s about to come crashing down any minute!

SCAD Digital Fabrication Club |(L)ABnormal [Futuristic Architecture… #futuristicarchitecture

SCAD Digital Fabrication Club |(L)ABnormal [Futuristic Architecture… #futuristicarchitecture

Hotel Silken Puerta América Madrid    +info:  http://www.zankyou.es/p/este-23-de-febrero-ven-a-la-jornada-de-puertas-abiertas-en-hotel-puerta-de-america-67779


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"Stacked Mockup" by architects David Freeland and Brennan Buck. First conceived as a dynamically torqued pavilion for the Lightbox Gallery in Surrey, UK

Даниэль Либескинд (Daniel Libeskind). 18.36.54 : «Д.Журнал» — журнал о дизайне и архитектуре

modern house architecture Studio Daniel Libeskind, this shower is perfect. Does it have a skylight? because that would be the only thing more perfect than it, is this shower with a skylight.

Архитектура | Ardezart™

by Raven van Baak Most probably my favourite image. I love in particular, how the natural light has streamed down, then bounced around the space, creating the shape and design of the shadow. play with illusion and lights/shapes

underside of acoustic soffit

Resonant Chamber - ceiling panels that flexibly change in a performance space, depending on what it's used for. Project by Taubman College, in architecture