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Blick auf den Vulkan Tungurahua in Ecuador: "Minuten nachdem ich das Bild gemacht habe, mussten wir die Region wegen der Aschewolke verlassen", sagt Sean Hacker Teper. Der Vulkan brach am 1. Februar 2014 aus

End of the World This photo, taken at the ‘end of the world’ swing in Banos, Ecuador, captures a man on the swing overlooking an erupting Mt Tungurahua. Photograph and caption: Sean Hacker Teper / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Cocos Island Costa Rica | Cocos Island

Cocos Island, Costa Rica Cocos Island is an uninhabited island located 300 miles off the shore of Costa Rica. As a national park, the island is untouched by civiliza.

Merit – “A Well-Earned Rest in the Sahara”, Tin-Merzouga, Tadrat, Tassili N’Ajjer National Park, Algeria, by Evan Cole. | Breathtakingly Beautiful Pictures From The 2014 National Geographic Photo Contest

MERIT PRIZE: This photo was taken at the summit of Tin-Merzouga, the largest dune in the Tadrat region of the Sahara Desert in Algeria. The man resting is Moussa Macher, a Tuareg guide, who led the photographer and a group up the dune. The Tadrat region


This is probably one of the most basic and common things on a bucket list. I really want to go skydiving. To have my adrenaline pumping as I jump out of the plane, to the serenity of falling in peace. Sky diving is a must before I die.

Jumping Kjeragbolten by Caterina Bernardi: This amazing, award winning image was captured as a young adventurer jumped up and down the boulder in the rain as if he was on solid ground.

Jumping Kjeragbolten by Caterina Bernardi: Kjeragbolten is a 5 m³ boulder wedged into a crevasse at the beginning of Lysfjorden, Norway and is balanced above the fjord below. A popular destination for base jumping.

Usa - Max Seigal

Max Seigal hiked out to these ruins at Canyonlands National Park at night hoping to photograph them with the Milky Way, but instead a thunderstorm rolled through creating this dramatic image 2013 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Iguana Park in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This is not a zoo! These iguanas roam free in this park - very cool!

Iguana Park in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This is not a zoo, these iguanas roam free in this park - January 2007

You know, just riding a llama....in Ecuador...no big deal.

Peruvian children on pet llama. Most llama won't carry Humans.