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Bleach 460 Naruto Uchiha

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IchiRuki. Dang, look at rukia in this one! So kawaii and beautiful!

Never shipped Ichigo and Rukia together, always saw them more as siblings, but this pic is too cool not to save.

Rukia Ichigo IchiRuki

Rukia & Ichigo (BLEACH) >> I've always admired their strong, platonic friendship

This looks like something that would happen in one of those totally off topic episodes that would happen after like every serious fight !!! Well there you go people Ichiru side story~

(Ichiruki) Very famous fanart of a prince like Ichigo and and princess Rukia. A lot of fan art shows Ichiruki wedding style photos or sporting families.

Toshiro your a man now. Your finally taller than me. Congratulations. I know your stronger now. Just don't die. Don't completely die. You have to live with whatever life force you have left. You must fight & live.

Toshiro Hitsugaya, the only man I wanna be stuck in the Arctic snow with ❄️