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Red vs Blue Icon: A Sister

I've been listening to my Red vs Blue DVD's at work for the past month and I decided it was well past time to put out a new (and better qualit. Red vs Blue Icon: A Sister

A frame A+

Rvb "Donutism poster" collect all of the rooster teeth rvb ism posters:)

RvB quotes - Red vs. Blue Icon (10206162) - Fanpop

Red vs Blue Quote Your outnumbered

Rwby Red, The Soldier, Red Vs Blue, Rooster Teeth, Roosters, 1 Tap, Master Chief, Achievement Hunter, Halo

rvb fan art - Google Search

Day I dont think I've watched any mech animes but i want to watch Red vs Blue wen though it's probably still not an anime

<---No, I'm not sure who there supposed to be(part of me thinks their noob players) but it isn't donut.

I noticed this too, but somehow it's even harder to accept when it's written out like this.

Red vs Blue When we knew the Meta for the first time he was just a maniac killer and a villain, but knowing that he had a backstory and what made him become Meta its just so sad :(.