Free Printable Nativity version of if you are happy and you know it; easy and fun activity for a nursery class, primary singing time, or Kindergarten class party

{ Free Printable} Christmas version of "if you are happy and you know it." The cards print back to back so the picture is on the front and the words are on the back. Easy and fun activity for a class party!

Nativity PreK-K Printable Pack

SO GREAT, kids nativity blocks FREE --Nativity Preschool Printable Activity Pack - Over 30 activities for ages 2 and up.

12 Things to do in November to get ready for Christmas. Really good list! 12 Things to do in November to get ready for Christmas. Really good list!

christmas coloring pages pdf free. Find the newest extraordinary images ideas especially some topics related to christmas coloring pages pdf.

Christmas Guessing Game Printables

Christmas Guessing Game Printables December 2013 By Emily 16 Comments Christmas Guessing Game Printables! Cute Holiday Game for Children!

DIY Nativity Puppets: Free Printables

DIY Nativity Puppets - Children can retell the Christmas story to others, such as, nursery home residents, family gatherings and to their friends. It is a FUN way for our children to spread the gospel with these simple DIY nativity puppets

FREE Hands On Printable Nativity

150 New Stocking Stuffer Ideas - some truly good suggestions (not just the usual soap, deodorant, razor blades, candy, etc.) Prices range from DIY (free) to extravagant. Also check out the link to her original 150 Stocking Stuffer Ideas from last year.

Jesus is Born Printable Nativity set. Laminate, glue magnets on the back, and put on the fridge for kids to play with.or use a cookie sheet, which is what we do since the front of our fridge isn't magnetic.