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【腐】キドロとあと何か…ログ【OP/KL】 [11]

【腐】キドロとあと何か…ログ【OP/KL】 [11]

Law, Kid, Ace, Sabo, Luffy -one piece

Water Law, Eustass Kid, Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, Monkey D. Luffy as kids - One piece

Balloon rocket racers!  (Laws of Motion) my boys would love this!

Duct-tape a balloon to a plastic straw, duct-tape the straw to a plastic car, blow up the balloon and let it go! The air escaping the balloon will propel the car in the opposite direction.

Law, Luffy and Kid. The 3 worst of the  worst generation :3

Supernova monster trio 3 rookie Captains Trafalgar D. Water Law, Monkey D. Luffy, Eustass Kid One piece

Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law and Monkey D. Luffy

This scene made me laugh, there isn't quite enough room on the archipelago for all of them :) Eustass Kid, Trafalgar Law and Monkey D.

#Luffy #Law #Kid     By b o on Tumblr - i don't believe anyone could get luffy to sit still and go to school.

Another "real life boys" fanart: Kid, Law and Luffy at high school (or this would be college?