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Der ICL 7500 wurde in den Siebzigern von der englischen Firma ICL hergestellt. Die Rechner waren für Büroarbeiten gedacht.

This colourful series of ten historic computers, created in close collaboration between INK and Docubyte, documents the beginning of our computing history.Featuring such famous machines as the IBM 1401 and Alan Turing’s Pilot ACE, Guide to Computing sho…

Die bessere RetroPie Alternative! – So installierst du RecalboxOS auf deinem Raspberry Pi 2 – PowerPi

Picture of Installing RetroPie/EmulationStation onto Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+ (Playstation 1 Emulator Included!

Raspberry Pi + Carberry - OBD Gauges

In this demo is possible to view a Raspberry Pi + Carberry shield connect to car OBD port. The kit allows to view in an external display, in this case a Kenw.

iCade - iPad Arcade Cabinet

iCADE – iPad Arcade Cabinet How cool would it be to slide your iPad into a desktop-sized arcade cabinet and rock it old school with some Arcade games? Enter the iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet! To use the iCade, gently slide the iPad into the cradle.

Police Quest (Amiga)

Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel - Commodore Amiga - Games Database

Build your own Mini Arcade Cabinet with Raspberry Pi  #video_game #retro #nintendo

The Porta-Pi Mini Arcade is a desktop-sized, fully functional, mini arcade cabinet measuring just under 13 x 9 x 10 inches (HxWxD). This Porta-Pi Arcade turns your Raspberry Pi in .

12 Build a Raspberry Pi-powered MAME arcade tableThis project involves a little woodwork on top of some computer engineering, but the result is a DIY Raspberry Pi-powered arcade table that lets you play your favorite old-school arcade games or use it for Web browsing and writing emails, displaying photos or social media updates.

This Raspberry Pi-Powered DIY Coffee Table Arcade Machine Is Easy to Make, Offers Endless Entertainment

Connect Raspberry Pi to WiFi wireless

Connect Raspberry Pi to WiFi Wireless

This instructable shows you how to connect Raspi to Internet with WiFi adaptor or WiPi.