sanguis-potestas-est: Spn meme———>Dean (everything) The only time I'm ok with winking

Jensen holding a glass * SIGH* <3 HOTTIE <3 #JensenAckles #Supernatural. Unpublished Harper’s Bazaar China Jensen photoshoots. If you want to repost, "please credit Jensen China fanclub ("

Ladies, prepare your ovaries, because it's Jensen Ackles from "Supernatural," flexing in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar China.

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Dean's facial expressions are basically just a visual chronicalization of what I look like at school every day dealing with my classmates. When someone interrupts me

This was one of the most hilarious moments ever

How You Know You're A "Supernatural" Fan

dean spn yellow fever nice legs daisy dukes makes dean winchester flip his shit at a cat god bless this episode

This is Castiel. | The Different Variations Of "Supernatural’s" Castiel:

The Different Variations Of "Supernatural’s" Castiel. Everyone’s favorite angel has many sides, and they are all attractive.