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70% of Rivers & Streams in the U.S. declared unhealthy by EPA. | Wake up you dirty bechez. A lifestyle & beauty routine that hurts the planet, hurts you. It's very simple. A lifestyle & beauty routine that heals the planet, heals you. You're not different. You are not separate. You need to start acting like it. Fuck the magazines & advertising leeching notions & desires into your mind. Rituals that cause harm are not beautiful. Return to natural living & natural beauty. | #paradigmshift

Wells will be flooded with toxic rain run off, children are advised to not eat snow because it's dangerous and bottled water is NOT regulated, its tap water too. for fucks sakes?

Nature Is Speaking: Lee Pace is Mountain - 大自然在說話: 李培斯聲演「山」| 保護國際基金會 (CI)

“I am nature’s oldest temple.” Lee Pace Is “Mountain,” the most recent film from the Nature Is Speaking series.

preserving the natural beauty of the world is one of the most important things we can ever hope to do

The powerful before-and-after photographs were shared as evidence of ocean acidification at the 2012 International Coral Reef Symposium in Australia. Please help spread awareness!

We can not exist without air and water, we are destroying both. Stop fracking now.

Koch Brothers' Toxic Legacy Detailed In New Report

Can't believe it's of the worlds major fisheries are depleted! Must stop eating fish fingers.

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What we save saves us. Nature Absorption - There's no greater way than to connect back with the wild soul than by returning to our most ancient roots.

This is amazing and alarming! Silly Sara Palin and her equally silly, ignorant Pals insist there is "No Global Warming" or "Climate Change!" Wonder if Silly Sara can see the "Snowless Iditarod" from her porch? Who knows....she may think it's the Mojave Desert!!!

Snow's a No-Show: 8 Images of the Roughest Iditarod Yet

The world famous Iditarod dogsled race in Alaska was missing something this year. This is a real photo showing what should be icy tundra, taken over by a heat wave.