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Dont stop...doin what u doin

doin what u doin

Calum's all like "I didn't do anything, he punched me first". Luke's just like "wtf Calum, now I got a back eye from ur fight." And Michael's just like "please don't embarrass us, can u not Ashton?"

Ashton grew up without his father so he basically was a father figure to his lil' bro and keeps being like that towards our other toddlers

I got: ASHTON IRWIN! Which 5SOS member is most likely to become your BFF

Which 5SOS member is most likely to become your BFF

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ash, addicted to pot and alcohol// ashton doesn't really give two shits about many people. he drinks his problems away and when he's done, he drinks some more.

5sos official tour program

Ashton u r vandalising my screen. give this kid another pray can

Some Things Never Change....>> and I'm ashton eating and judging people all day everydayxxx

I& Ashton, Clifford Ashton, Ashton Irwin Funny, Daddy Ashton, Irwin…

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5 Seconds of Summer Blurbs - R = Risk (Ashton)

They were talking about dads and Ashton just.>>> My poor baby!>>> He looks like he's gonna cry. My poor baby

This broke my heart when I saw this it looks like he is about to cry

This broke my heart. He is such an amazing human bean. I love you Ash💜Stay Strong friend