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but do everybody appreciate my effort towards them????

I always love making my friends and family smile. And when they try to make me smile. I feel happy.

Capricorn Quote

Qualities of a Capricorn! This is who I am, but PLEASE don't take the kindness for weakness! You will BE a fool! But this pretty much sums me up!

Things Capricorn will often hear and it's true

Things Capricorn will often hear and it's true, we use our instincts and we really pay attention to everything.

OMG so true, Fall has always been my favorite season!!

Capricorn Zodiac Facts: They feel most comfortable cuddling and laying in bed not having to deal with responsibilities for the day

Someone warn my spouse

The Capricorn remembers every compliment and insult they receive, especially if it's said by a loved one. I'm a Capricorn and I do.but is it a Capricorn thing or a female thing?

ZODIAC SIGNS AS A PARENT_Capricorn_Zodiac Society #ParentingTumblr

ZODIAC SIGNS AS A PARENT_Capricorn_Zodiac Society #ParentingTumblr

capricorn horoscope tumblr

I have a lot of aquaintences but very few close friends . But also many people who I would consider close friends but never talk to them outside of work or social network

Capricorn Zodiac Art

Except for the organized space part. I like organization, I just kinda lack the finesse to keep things that way.~~ it's me except I hate antiques but ditto on the organization and keeping it.

Um what

Um what