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char-portraits: “Knowledge And Wisdom by lorlandchain ” Some inspirational art for gaming.

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Good Friends (Portrait of the Artist’s Sister Bertha Edelfelt), Albert Edelfelt (Finnish, Oil on panel. Edelfelt, from time to time, turned to scenes from Finnish.

본격 날이 추워지는 가을 문턱을 넘어가면서 유난히 계절 중에 가을탄다는 표현이 딱 어울리는 계절! 선선한 바람과 빛나는 별들과 짙어가는 하늘과 익어가는 추수의 계절 독서가 빠질 수 없는데, 가을맞이 책읽는 그림 시리즈! paintings of reading 그림엔 책읽는 '여자'들이 압도적으로 많다. 왜지 여자가 책읽으면 있어보이나 아니면 남자보다 굴곡이 있어서 그림그리기 좋은가 분위기가 남자보다 다양해서 그런가 옷이 다양..

Books are mirrors. You only see in them what you have inside you.

slightlyignorant: Sunday Afternoon – Interior With A Girl Reading Michael Peter Ancher – Danish)

This reminds me of me and my sister...  mostly the hair color and age.. She never sat still. LOL!

This paining is a reminder that regardless of the times, children need to get lost in a book! "Afternoon Pastimes", by Knud Erik Larsen (Danish,


A cup of tea, a good book, and a cozy corner filled with pillows and blankets makes soul quite happy. 22 Things Anyone Who Loves the Rain Will Understand

pintura de Albert Anker (1831-1910)

Albert Samuel Anker (Swiss painter and illustrator) 1831 - 1910 Rosa und Bertha Gugger, 1883 oil on canvas x cm. signed and dated left 'Anker