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Melting sea ice brings faster internet to Alaska JULY 12, 2016 BY JAYSON MACLEAN 0 COMMENTS

Melting sea ice brings faster internet to Alaska - Cantech Letter

Wonder if my brother will get to see cool stuff like this when he finally gets to be in a sub? =)

Three polar bears approach the USS Honolulu submarine, surfaced around 280 miles from the North Pole. The bears investigated the submarine for two hours before moving on.


So-Called ‘Failsafe’ Pipeline Leak Detection System Failed in Massive Alberta Tar Sands Spill

The BC Oil and Gas Commission has released a report linking a recent 4.6 quake…

New York's fracking ban is the cue for eco-activists to mobilize

Acid Fracking in the Everglades -- and when State regulators asked them to stop? They ignored them.

Keystone Pipeline XL | Alberta's Tar Sands and the High Cost of Oil | Nature | OutsideOnline.com

The High Cost of Oil

Tar sands being scooped and loaded. Oil companies hope to mine the entirety of Fort McKay& heavy-grade bitumen deposits by Photo: Aaron Huey

Dolphins, turtles suffering; scientist says, 'We are next'

Study Links Record Dolphin Die-Off In The Gulf Of Mexico To Deepwater Horizon Spill

Warning that climate change amounts to the "mother of all risks," three of the…

An aerial photograph of Baton Rouge, Louisiana after historic flooding destroyed…

Abandon coal, oil or face climate disaster, Davos experts warn Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/news/world/abandon-coal-oil-or-face-climate-disaster-davos-experts-warn/article/455411#ixzz3xuM6XQy0

File photo - Heimdal Glacier in southern Greenland is seen in a NASA image captured by Langley Research Center's Falcon 20 aircraft Oct. 2015 (REUTERS/NASA/John Sonntag/Handout via Reuters)

judge rules land owner may sue gov't in fracking case

Judge Rules Landowner May Sue Gov't in Landmark Fracking Case Decision 'reaffirms the power of the people,' says plaintiff Jessica Ernst.