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Grantaire contemplates Enjolras' hair. hahahha I love how he goes, "Who said that?"

I wanna write this as a fic now where R makes that joke to Courf or something and E finds out and gets really miffed

The Prep and The Punk: Aaron Tveit Appreciation Post

That feeling when Aaron Tveit smiles. // 23 Moments Theatre Performers Know All Too Well.

Because AKT explaining how to pronounce Enjolras cannot be over-pinned. That face he makes is just--it's just wonderful, okay? (GIF) sorry its a small pic

Because Aaron Tveit explaining how to pronounce Enjolras cannot be over-pinned.

I got: Enjolras! What Les Mis Character Are You?

What Les Mis Character Are You?

Enjolras after watching Avengers and becoming a Loki fan - gir (i think you can guess who's my favourite character)

So eloquent...

all up in my neck business" hahahahaha I love this man. aaron tveit is perfect wicked the musical<<<

Dylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Ki Hong Lee, and Dexter Darden spill hilarious secrets about the tight-knit cast.

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they're so cute!!!

they're so cute!!!

but...there's a car in the background...so they weren't filming...IS THIS HOW AARON TVEIT NORMALLY WALKS...#Strut

This is how Aaron Tveit walks. Aaron, or should I say, Enjolras, because they are THE SAME