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Silk worm Moth and cocoons. Only eat Mulberry leaves & give us our amazing silk fiber.

Silk worm moth (Bombyx mori) and cocoons. They only eat Mulberry leaves and give us our amazing silk fiber.

What would happen if we mixed a baboon with a sparrow, or a shark with a spider? We may never find out in the real world, but here is where Photoshop can help. Check out these absolutely horrifying hybrid species as envisioned by artist Sara DeRemer.

Common Animals Morphed Into Terrifying New Species

New species have been created by an enterprising artist who has merged photos of animals together in this incredible series of pictures. Californian Sarah DeRemer, started making hybrid animals as a way to improve her photoshop skills

Messagerie - Brigitte Santerre - Outlook

Barn Owl, beautiful creature - of course my best view of him was in the dark - but at least I saw him

Baby owls are the new kittens (27 Photos)

Baby owls are the new kittens (27 Photos)

doesn't get much more hipster than an owl in thick rimmed glasses. SO CUTE THOUGH!