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Very helpful prayer at times. ;)

This is my fav prayer, every day I go to work. "Dear Lord, Please put your arm around me today and your hand over my mouth"

To funny

Funny pictures about You are totally my daughter. Oh, and cool pics about You are totally my daughter. Also, You are totally my daughter.

This woman was about to fart on her first date. But what followed is priceless

Woman Goes on a Date with Man of Her Dreams When THIS Happens

The Most Craziest Fart Story Ever. This Is Priceless. (possibly the most hilarious thing I've ever read, and I just told my husband, "THIS is why I don't fart!

Thursday is evil.

The typical workweek.oh yes I'll have to figure out in days how long I've worked at my job and put it up in my cube Held hostage 445 days. Yes my boss has a sense of humour