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Uñas negras decoradas, ¡perfectas para cualquier ocasión!

Stiletto nail designs certainly are one of hottest new trends this year. Let us show you a few inspirational stiletto nail designs that you might like to try for yourself.

stiletto-nails-tribalbright-tribal-accented-stiletto-nails-----nail-art-inspiration-anuh2w7d.jpg (578×535)

i've been dying to try this whole stiletto nail trend just to see what all the buzz is about, and i think i've finally worked up enough courage to get some claws. this length is purrfect.

Uñas decoradas con puntos que seguramente te encantaran

34 diseños de uñas decoradas con lunares, ¿con cuál te quedas?

hot pink orange turquoise and black with bling and texture, not really feeling the shape

Coral stilleto nails with black aztec line design.

Young girls would love to apply stiletto nail designs in different patterns and ideas. Eye catching 30 Attractive Stiletto Nail Designs Photos and Tutorial.

Pink disney nails

Pink Negative Space Stiletto Nails Inspired by "Marie" From Disney's "Aristocats" but I wouldn't have Stiletto shaped nails

If you don’t have the perfect nails, you can still get this look through false nails. It’s easy to use and perfect for a date night. After that, you can take it off and clean it so you can use it again.

50 Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas

You can now celebrate Valentine’s Day by adding red and silver glitters on your French tip. Add little hearts or create a big one and surround it with little diamonds for a more fabulous finish. When it comes to nails,… Continue Reading →

Cool...2 almond shape nails.

Why not both shapes at once? Square hot pink nails with black stiletto accent nails with nail art