When the Art of Hairdressing becomes an Inspiration for Painters!

Roses in her hair Drawings by UK based artist Kate Louse Powell Take me away Fairy girl drawing Butterfly effect drawing Weird fishes drawing Drawing of girl with hummingbirds Mollie rose drawing Holland… Continue Reading →

"Bottoms Up" by Day of the Dead Artist David Lozeau

Bottoms Up

IKEA Instructions for Horror Fans | Killer Kitsch

IKEA Instructions for Horror Fans

Immagine correlata

Artist: Chiara Bautista Author: Haven Wright Chiara Bautista aka “Milk” is a 38 year old Mexican artist currently residing in Tucson, Arizona. She has a bachelor’s degree in Graph…

Octopus steampunk

Wrapping-Amazing watercolor painting of an octopus and gears by Chloe Yingst. The commissioned piece is entitled "Sofia." I like how creative and the octopus and the wheels are becoming one