Old Man Reading - Vincent van Gogh.believe it or not, the salon rejected Van Gogh's works like this. Its rare to find these they are just as divine as his color works truly.

//…Vincent van Gogh…// Agostina Segatori Sitting in the Café du Tambourin, February-March Oil on canvas, x cm. Agostina Segatori was the manager of the Café.

classic-art: “The Stone Bench in the Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital Vincent van Gogh, 1889 ” Warm toned brush strokes as the ground in both of these works by Van Gogh.

Вопр № 11 Vincent Van Gogh - use for mini quilt sky? The is one of vincent main pieces of work that everyone looks at even today people are still talking about it because its a unique piece of work this is because this is how he really saw the word.


Trees in the Garden of Saint-Paul Hospital - Vincent van Gogh: Created in Saint-Rémy in October, Located at Hammer Museum

Vincent van Gogh Final Paintings

Van Gogh (One of the final works) After he left the asylum at Saint-Remy, Vincent van Gogh completed nearly 80 paintings in two months in Auvers-sur-Oise before committing suicide

Vincent Van Gogh Pieta, after Eugene Delacroix (c. Oil on canvas. by 34 cm. Studied this painting last semester.

deadpaint: “ Vincent van Gogh, Women Washing on a Canal (1888) ”


dappledwithshadow: “ Vincent van Gogh A factory at Asnières 1887 x 54 cm Oil on canvas ”

Vincent van Gogh Painting, Oil on Canvas Saint-Rémy: November, 1889 Kröller-Müller Museum Otterlo, The Netherlands, Europe F: JH: 1843 Image Only - Van Gogh: Pine Trees against a Red Sky with Setting Sun